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Your Vision, Our Expertise

We strive to empower our clients with the education, resources, and skills they need to excel in the business world. Founded by Dr. Melody Bell, we have a proven track record of success.

Whatever your goals may be, we are here to help you achieve them.



Navigating Success: Our Story

North Starr specializes in supporting groups seeking to enhance their financial education initiatives. Our services encompass curriculum development, culturally responsive financial education reviews, and training. Dr. Melody Bell, the founder of North Starr, brings a wealth of experience from various sectors of the finance industry and is also the visionary behind the nonprofit organization Financial Beginnings. Dr. Bell has curated a team of experts in personal finance and education to provide dedicated assistance to our clients.


Meet the Team

Here is our team of amazing consultants. 


Dr. Melody Bell, Ed.D

Managing Director

Dr. Melody Bell, a personal finance expert, educator, and entrepreneur. She founded Financial Beginnings, now a national nonprofit helping thousands. She has over a decade of experience teaching higher education and was awarded Adjunct Professor of the Year by Portland State University. Melody designs inclusive financial education, provides business guidance, and also contributes to Investopedia's Financial Review Board,. Her mission stems from humble beginnings, driving her to empower the next generation in achieving financial well-being.

Carissa Uhlman small headshot .jpg

Carissa Uhlman, MHRM


With over 20 years of higher education and financial wellness experience, Carissa Uhlman is a leading content creator for online financial education programs, blogs, and workplace wellness initiatives. Her recent work focuses on intersectionality and equity issues within personal finance, and she most enjoys using her communications background to make financial education understandable and accessible for all.

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Ben Kirkpatrick


Ben Kirkpatrick, a U.S. Navy veteran turned digital marketing specialist, brings a wealth of experience in the field. With a B.S. in Marketing from Portland State University, he has accumulated over 5 years of valuable expertise in digital marketing and advertising. Ben's passion for fitness, travel, and personal finance was sparked during his time in the Navy. As a guest blogger for North Starr Consulting, he shares profound insights on his journey to financial freedom.


Dr. Kendra Coates, Ed.D


Dr. Kendra Coates is an award-winning educational leader, author, executive coach, consultant, and professor with twenty-five years of experience across the P-20 care and educational continuum. She consults and advises care and education professionals, schools, districts, organizations, and state governments across the U.S. in her Human-Centered Learning, Teaching, and Leading approach grounded in the Science of Learning and Development (SoLD).

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Tyron Bussanich


Tyron Bussanich, a workplace conflict resolution consultant with 20+ years of experience, combines managerial expertise, practical wisdom, and theoretical knowledge to transform workplaces. He offers training in mediation, negotiation, conflict resolution, and leadership skills, using humor and empathy to address root causes effectively. Tyron emphasizes his commitment to continuous learning and staying at the forefront of conflict resolution practices. In short, he is a sought-after expert who blends theory with practice, humor, empathy, and adaptability to create positive work environments nationwide.


Nefertiti Beck, M.S. LPC


Nefertiti Beck, Founder of Yari & Co., has over 20 years of experience in education, program development and management, counseling, and DEI (diversity, equity, and inclusion) initiatives. These experiences have allowed her to develop the critical skills needed to provide excellent quality service to her counseling, coaching, and consulting clients.

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Tim Walley


Tim Walley, a business development guru, financial literacy advocate and digital marketing maven. Tim has 10 years of curriculum and content development. With an emphasis on creating engaging and relevant material intended to educate as well as entertain. Tim seeks to explore and develop how people of all backgrounds can be informed and empowered in a continuously evolving digital landscape.

Join Us

North Starr is actively seeking professionals to join our team of consultants.


Are you:
● Passionate about helping others,
● Self-driven,
● A problem solver, and
● Able to quickly respond to the needs of our clients?

North Starr is seeking professionals with experience in:
● Graphic Design,
● Instructional Design,
● Strategic Planning,
● Financial Modeling,
● Copy Editing, and
● More!

This is an opportunity to be part of North Starr’s pool of consultants and not an offer for employment. We ask consultants to be able to respond promptly to requests for bids and provide realistic timelines for work completion. If you are interested in finding out more, please fill out the next form.



Success Starts with North Starr Consulting

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